Improvement Through Measurement

Management guru Peter Drucker famously said, “What gets measured gets improved.”

Meisterline’s Professional Expertise Metrics replace what was once guesswork and personal opinion, with objective insights that can dramatically improve the management of human and financial resources.


Do you know if your associates are on the right track towards mastering their specialist areas of law? We can track the trajectory of each attorney, and even predict their future progress. Year by year, you can show them precisely how much they're improving and where they're headed.

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Why be limited by how many of your lawyers are ranked in traditional legal directories? Align your experts with their listed peers using our KUJI Ratings to reveal how many experts you really have. We use standard practice-area descriptions to enable direct comparisons. Make the most of the cost of your directory submissions and massively expand your expertise profile.

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Are you falling short of your employees' and clients' workplace diversity expectations? When gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation and other irrelevant factors influence hiring and promotion decisions, employees and clients will simply leave. Objective, merit-based assessments lead to demonstrably fairer outcomes - and more motivated, diverse and effective legal teams.

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Know your lateral candidates.

Did you verify the expertise of your last lateral hire? High quality recruits are key to building and maintaining a successful law firm. Subjective, gut-feel decisions can lead to costly mistakes. Our objective, science-based metrics are your organization’s secret weapon in the war for the best legal talent.


Give your associates what they want.

Does your law firm or legal department have an internal culture no associate wants to leave? Losing legal talent in search of better training and development – the keys to a thriving culture – is expensive and damaging to your business and brand. Accurate mapping of each associate’s developmental needs is the key to giving them the training, work experience and mentoring that build their careers faster.


Find any level of expert, anywhere.

A KUJI Rating is an independent and objective validation of a lawyer’s expertise in a given area of law. You can use it to connect the right attorney’s with law firms and clients across organisations, platforms and jurisdictions. As powerful for local and international recruitment as they are for project-specific team building.


Experts aren’t Masters (yet).

Are you meeting the needs and expectations of all your lawyers? If you don’t understand how they’re different, you’ll send the wrong message to everyone. Inspire, reward and empower each of your attorneys according to their assessed levels of expertise. Give them the exclusive information and access befitting their individual capabilities.


Match your best with your brightest.

When each team member understands where they fit in and what they can contribute to – or learn from – a given project or file, they will be more focused and more effective. Sharing their KUJI Ratings within the team can significantly enhance this process. It also builds confidence in the organisation’s commitment to giving the best talent the best opportunities.


Generate quantitative metrics for legal procurers.

Do your clients have all the numerical data they need to make optimal buying decisions? Quantitative metrics are the lifeblood of every successful business. In-house legal teams and legal procurers have to report their hiring decisions in the language of C-suite decision makers: Hard numbers. Legal spend decisions based solely on gut feel, personal relationships and subjective opinion are no longer valid.


Benchmark your legal talent.

Does your Corporate/M&A department have a better mix of experts than your competitors? How about comparing your firm with those law firms the next level up? You may be surprised to discover your firm’s strengths and weaknesses. But you need objective data to see the full picture. The same data your competitors (and clients) are searching for.


Write-off less billable time.

Can you afford to keep writing-off billable time at client insistence – or simply out of habit? Your best clients will resist paying for low quality service, but will pay more when efficiency and expertise can be clearly demonstrated. Defensible billing begins with detailed project specifications and by assigning the right lawyers to every task according to their objectively assessed expertise.


Embed experts in clients’ legal teams.

Are you helping your clients assess their own in-house experts – and then identifying for them the right lawyers from your firm to fill the gaps? General Counsel are under increasing pressure to do more with less. They have internal experts whom they want to utilise and develop alongside their external counterparts. Through MeisterGap analysis they can save money and still get great results, all while investing in the future of their in-house talent.


Agree expertise thresholds upfront.

Are your clients paying to train inexperienced lawyers? Or do they feel they are, even if they’re not? Pro-active law firms and efficiency-focused clients can now agree a threshold level of specialist expertise – as measured by our objective KUJI Ratings – below which an attorney’s time won’t be billed or will only be billed at a discount. It gives all sides unprecedented certainty during the project scoping process and at billing time.


Create client evangelists.

Do clients really view your firm differently from your competitors? The more transparent a law firm is when assigning lawyers to projects, tracking their work and showing their value, the greater peace of mind their clients feel. This capacity for openness differentiates a firm’s brand and makes clients want to stay, with their loyalty attracting even more clients .


Plug-in the the power of our experts.

Are you making the most of our Professional Expertise Metrics? We’ve been pioneers in measuring legal expertise since 2012. Our CEO literally wrote the book on it. We know what best practice looks like and how other organisations are using our metrics to get results. We can help you maximize the value of your data and make your business more profitable.