"We're changing almost everything you thought you knew about legal expertise - and creating more value for law firms and their clients than anyone could have imagined when I retired from legal practice in 2006 to begin my doctoral research into how exceptional attorneys think."
Dr Peter Macmillan
Founder & CEO, Meisterline Analytics
"As a rule of thumb, the bigger the information asymmetry, the more lawyers can charge for their services." Bucerius Center on the Legal Profession
One of the biggest problems in today's One Trillion Dollar global legal industry, is our inability to objectively measure how good a lawyer - not to say a law firm - really is.

It's why law firms mis-price their attorneys and clients struggle to understand what it is they're actually paying for. It's also why younger lawyers are not getting the training they need to reach their full potential.

The market for legal expertise simply isn't transparent enough for rational decision-making, and bad choices are costing lawyers and their clients millions, if not billions, of dollars every year.
"The idea behind the Meisterline score is to enable law firms and clients to make more informed choices as to how they identify and manage legal expertise ... Not just some flaky, easily gameable scale, there's some serious science behind the index."
Lloyd Pearson, Global Legal Directories Consultant
Once we understood the magnitude of the transparency problem and realized that no-one was better placed than us to do something about it, we set out to create a science-based, technology-enabled, data-driven solution.

After more than two years of calibration tests on lawyers from over 100 of the worlds leading law firms and with the help of cognitive researchers, expert coders, and a former NASA physicist, we succeeded - by combining cutting-edge cognitive science with next-level data analytics.

But it all started with one simple idea: Turn every lawyer's level of expertise into a single, objective number.

That number - which we called a lawyer's M-Score™ - is today bringing a new era of clarity and efficiency to one of the world's most important professions (and soon to many others).
Use our industry-standard metrics to identify, develop and value exceptional lawyers.
Since 2012, the scientists, researchers and consultants at Meisterline® have been refining our proprietary metrics and assessment algorithms to help law firms, in-house legal departments and clients generate higher profits and do more with less - simply by enabling them to:
Make better lateral hiring decisions.
Increase associate retention levels.
Create more diverse workplaces.
Improve billing realization rates and collection on client accounts.
Differentiate the best law firms in local, national and global markets.
Build client loyalty through greater transparency and peace of mind.
More effectively meet the needs and aspirations of in-house legal teams.
Revolutionize how law firms benchmark against the market leaders.
Capitalize on our game-changing attorney-search capabilities.
"... attrition rates are about 10 times higher in law firms than they are in well-run corporations."
American Bar Association
Know your lateral candidates.
Did you measure the expertise of your last lateral hire? High quality recruits are key to building and maintaining a successful law firm. Subjective, gut-feel decisions can lead to costly mistakes. Our objective, science-based metrics are your organization's secret weapon in the war for the best legal talent.
Give your associates what they want.
Does your law firm or legal department have an internal culture no associate wants to leave? Losing legal talent in search of better training and development - the keys to a thriving culture - is expensive and damaging to your business and brand. Accurate mapping of each associate's developmental needs is the key to giving them the training, work experience and mentoring that builds their careers faster.
Find your location. Choose your direction.
Do you know if your associates are on the right track towards mastering their specialist areas of law? We can track the trajectory of each attorney, and even predict their future progress. Year by year, you can show them precisely how much they're improving and where they're headed.
Reach your career goals faster.
Are you making your associates wait longer than necessary to reach their career goals? Find their current levels of cognitive development, then focus on building the skills and capabilities that will take them to the next level.
"Losing one associate can cost a firm between [US]$200,000 and $500,000."
National Association for Law Placement, nalp.org
"Women and minorities face around a 50% higher attrition rate than white men."
New York City Bar
Exceed stakeholder diversity expectations.
Are you falling short of your employees' and clients' workplace diversity expectations? When gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation and other irrelevant factors influence hiring and promotion decisions, employees and clients will simply leave. Objective, merit-based assessments lead to demonstrably fairer outcomes - and more motivated, diverse and effective legal teams.
Assess people for what they can do.
Is your firm assessing people based on non-relevant factors when hiring, promoting and assigning work? Do you know for sure? Our metrics reveal each individual's capabilities and potential as experts, objectively.
Build a better workplace.
Management guru Peter Drucker famously said, "What gets measured gets improved." Can you improve workplace diversity without measuring progress at every level of your firm? Our highly granular data will record the impact of your policies in specific areas and firm-wide.
"When clients cannot easily perceive value, they default to price."
James Bliwas, Professional Services Marketing LLC
"CLOs are becoming more sophisticated about which matters to outsource and which to manage internally, and at pursuing greater efficiency and cost control."
Altman Weil, 2018 Chief Legal Officer Survery
Write-off less and collect on more billable time.
Can you afford to keep writing-off billable time at client insistence - or simply out of habit? Your best clients will resist paying for low quality service, but will pay more when efficiency and expertise can be clearly demonstrated. Defensible billing begins with detailed project specifications and by assigning the right lawyers to every task according to their objectively assessed expertise.
Create client evangelists.
Do clients really view your firm differently from your competitors? The more transparent a law firm is when assigning lawyers to projects, tracking their work and showing their value, the greater peace of mind their clients feel. This capacity for openness differentiates firms and makes clients want to stay, with their loyalty attracting even more clients - some of whom could already be using M-Scores™ across their in-house legal teams.
Embed your experts in clients' in-house legal teams.
Are you helping your clients assess their own in-house experts - and then identify for them the right lawyers from your firm to fill the gaps? General Counsel are under increasing pressure to do more with less. They have internal experts whom they want to utilise and develop, alongside their external counterparts. Through MeisterGap™ Analysis, they can save money and still get great results, all while investing in the future of their in-house talent.
Generate quantitative metrics for legal procurers.
Do your clients have all the numerical data they need to make optimal buying decisions? Quantitative metrics are the lifeblood of every successful corporation. In-house legal teams and legal procurers have to report their hiring decisions in the language of C-suite decision makers: Hard numbers. Legal spend decisions based solely on gut feel, personal relationships and subjective opinion are no longer valid.
Premium Services
Find any level of expert, anywhere.
M-Scores™ are independent, objective measures of a lawyer's expertise in a given area of law. They connect the right attorneys with law firms and clients, across organisations, platforms and jurisdictions. As powerful for local and international recruitment as they are for project-specific team building. We have a growing database of assessed lawyers all precisely indexed to your needs.
Benchmark your legal talent.
Does your Corporate/M&A department have a better mix of experts than your competitors? How about comparing your firm with those law firms the next level up? You may be surprised to discover your firm's strengths and weaknesses. But you need objective data to see the full picture. The same data your competitors (and clients) are searching for.
Plug-in to the power of our experts.
Are you making the most of our qualitative assessments and quantitative analytics? We've been world pioneers in measuring and developing legal expertise since 2012 (we literally wrote the book on it). We know what best practice looks like and how other organisations are using our systems to get results. We can help you maximize the value of your data and make your firm more profitable.
Develop your firm's expertise strategy.
Is your law firm an expertise-focused organisation? Does it direct its resources effectively towards building teams that excel at high-value, non-routine legal work, ensuring longevity in an era of commoditization and rapidly advancing legal technology?
Dive to the next level.
Are you satisfied with information commonly available? There is always more to learn. Discover data that will give you a deeper understanding of your firm, your lawyers and your clients, as well as of the areas where you can be more successful.
Join our global community today.
Meet our leaders
A world-leading team combining legal, scientific and technical capabilities, on a mission to change how professional service firms identify, develop and value their experts.
Dr Peter Macmillan
Founder & CEO
A former legal specialist turned cognitive scientist, Peter is one of the world's leading authorities on the development of legal expertise. His cutting-edge research and leadership set our direction.
Pauline Hamilton
Senior Consultant
A quality control expert in world-class laboratories, Pauline applies her scientific mind-set to our assessment procedures. She has a keen interest in best practice and in bringing real transparency to the professions.
Dr Alexander Fox
Director of Research & Innovation
A Harley Street practitioner and champion of professionals at all levels of expertise, Alex is an intellectual with a heart for encouraging exceptional individuals. He guides our research with rigour and an insatiable curiosity.
Jody Ciorciari
General Counsel
Jody is a highly experienced lawyer with a deep understanding of legal expertise as both a client and a practising attorney. Relied on by large corporates for no-nonsense solutions, she knows the value of legal mastery.
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